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  1. Every two weeks the new question will be posted here. Feel free to actually comment anonymously on the question.

    1. How can communication be improved internally at Regina Public Library?

    • Jeff: step away from the safety of your desk/office once in awhile and circulate among front line staff. Get to know people. Learn their names. Attend branch meetings to talk to staff one-on-one and offer updates about what’s going on, and allow staff to offer their feedback or express any concerns. Whenever possible, don’t merely hand down decisions third-hand as edicts and cut off all feedback, and then dismissively label staff as “disgruntled” when they have legitimate disagreements with the decision. Discuss your decisions in an open forum. Be thicker skinnned about hearing constructive criticism. As much possible, allow staff to participate in changes that affect their workflow.

    • How can internal communication at RPL be improved? Pretend for a moment that you have a staff of capable adults who deserve the respect of knowing what’s going on in the organization they work for. Don’t blindside staff with assignments they had no knowledge of at the last minute because YOU weren’t able to plan better. When deadlines YOU’VE SET come and go without the issue/task/whatever being resolved or accomplished, EXPLAIN WHY there has been a delay. Don’t just ignore the fact that it wasn’t resolved/accomplished. It’s really hard to maintain confidence or trust in the RPL when you, the administration, continues to keep staff in the dark about everything all the time, especially when it so directly affects staff.

      I don’t know how many times or how many ways we can say this in meetings/surveys/forums: BE OPEN, TRANSPARENT, AND COMMUNICATIVE. Listen – really listen – to concerns and feedback without getting angry and trying to exact revenge on the people you deem “troublemakers” just because they express dissent.

      Show us trust and respect and we will do the same.

    • It’s a good organization and we are fortunate to work for it. Let’s quit being paranoid that the upper management is out to get us. Let’s quit being negative. Let’s focus on the countless positive aspects of the work we do. Let’s largely quit worrying about what upper management are doing or not doing. Let’s trust that they are honorable people. Let’s focus on what *we* can do for the Regina community. Let’s accept that the library is ever-evolving and will never remain exactly the same culturally. Let’s have fun. Let’s spread our love of learning. Let’s work to enrich the lives of our patrons. Let us be patient with everyone we encounter and meet them with love and respect. Let’s stay positive. Let’s be happy and healthy.

      • I actually agree, largely, with the above comment. But I can see in a general way how the culture of mistrust has evolved: union-management conflict. The assumption that management is willing to screw employees to further their agenda (which is an agenda that treats employees as mere cogs), and that the union must be on guard at all times because of this, is palpable. It’s a constant, daily presence in the halls at Central.

        So the real question is how to put this dynamic to bed, once and for all, to restore employee trust in management? The most commonly heard solution is to get rid of the current management. But I sincerely doubt the board is going to take action if it hasn’t already. So, to sincerely improve communication and bridge the mistrust, management is going to have to do things drastically differently. If your instinct is to close ranks and hold information, do the opposite. Unsure when to share news on something major? Do it immediately. Get employees involved at every level, and in meaningful ways. Show employees their experience and expertise are valued through tangible, ongoing initiatives.

      • You can’t blindly trust. They have not proven themselves to be honorable. Some of them are deceitful bullies who think of themselves and how they can get the most personal perks, trips and money out of the generous Library Board that lets management take and spend for their own whims. They don’t care about staff at all. They put themselves first, patron service and staff a distant last. Trust is gone and they’ve had years to redeem themselves but they do what has worked in the past. Take vengeance on staff and blame staff for their own abuse.

  2. “This questionnaire was created to gather further feedback and information from RPL employees regarding results provided through the Employee Engagement Survey.

    Every two weeks a new question will be posed to you, with a request to submit feedback. Questions will be kept live on the page indefinitely – previous questions will not be taken down when new ones are uploaded. You are welcome to respond to any of the questions at any time.

    Responses are absolutely confidential and will be reviewed and considered by the Director’s Office and the teams involved in putting together a recommended action plan. Your name and any identifying information will not be available to us unless you choose to include them in your responses.

    Through this questionnaire, we hope to learn further details and information about the responses you provided in the survey. By providing your feedback, you are helping to shape the culture and work life at RPL.”

    It is interesting to note that to make a comment, you need to be logged into the intranet page. Seems that even if you don’t actually don’t provide your name, they still know it’s you. They can’t be trusted and there is no way I’d make any kind of comment on the intranet. They are vindictive and unscrupulous.

    This blog is the only way to tell them anonymously what you think.

  3. Hey! How about this, instead of another staff appreciation lunch, Jeff, Julie, Kevin, and all those other useless mopes, work the desk at each branch for a full 7.25 day so they really know what we do. That would truly show appreciation to your staff.

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