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  1. It is very sad to see how dramatically the once thriving Film Theatre has deteriorated. It is also sad that no one on the RPL board cares about the gross mismanagement by the over paid administration who ruined this community gem.

  2. What an awful mess at Foodie film tonight at RPL!! Uh, didn’t get any food! By the time we got through the line it was all gone. Like, if you don’t bring enough for everybody, why even bother? And the music DJ was awful. Good thing that nice staff brought up some leftover popcorn because what a f*cking waste of time and money. LOL we had to go out to eat! So here’s a new slogan for your bags instead of #I’m a cheap date: #I’m a bad date and then put the RPL Film Theatre logo.

  3. I can’t help but wonder what would happen to an in scope employee who opened the library 30 minutes prior to the scheduled opening. A written reprimand? Verbal dressing down? Performance improvement plan? Suspension?

    What punishment was meted out to the manager who did this? My guess is absolutely nothing.

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