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      • Regina Public Library Administration – liars and cheaters. And will do anything to maintain their own lifestyle and huge salaries, cover up their misconduct and deceive both staff and the public that they are managing effectively and efficiently. That is who they are, and as long as there are no changes at the top, the Library will keep its terrible reputation and the management will continue to openly steal both time and money, from the good, trusting citizens of Regina.

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  2. Please post the minutes from the January Board meeting and Annual General Meeting. We would like to know if there was any accountability, or if Mr. Barber and Mr. Quinlan took responsibility and faced any consequences for (a) misspending taxpayer money on lawyers to cover up their own gross stupidity and (b) threatening members of the public (harassment) over content of letters the Library vetted, posted and left up on their website for months. If two Library Directors, a Corporate Services Manager and a library Board Chair (who is supposed to oversee this very kind of misconduct) gets away with threatening and personally harassing taxpayers/supporters, there is no stopping them.

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