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    • I will agree that some posts are mean and inappropriate, and should be denounced. But others raise important questions and concerns that taxpayers have a right to be asking, especially when they’re related to fiscal issues.

      But the admin seems to like painting everything on this blog with the same brush.

  1. You dipshits are hilarious.

    You complain that the library is dysfunctional while literally complaining, whining, lying and backstabbing everyone online.

    Maybe it’s not that Jeff and Julie are big meanies, and it’s that they have to manage a bunch of cunts like you. Maybe the manger turnover is because the employees are fucking assholes.

    • A large number of people don’t just become “cunts”. There’s a reason why we may come across that way and it’s because of the shit treatment we get from management.

    • I’ve read a lot of things on this blog that are in very poor taste.

      But a comment calling all employees the c-word is a new low.

      The worst part is that it was made by someone who’s defending senior management.

      If this doesn’t show why there’s a major problem at RPL in the first place, nothing will.

      It’s disgusting that people who think in those terms are even employed by RPL.

      Could you hold your employees in any more contempt???

      • Don’t be too shocked. This is who these people are. Being appointed in administrative positions doesn’t inherently mean a person has a strong moral character. Clearly, at RPL, the egregious behaviour implies the exact opposite of that. Calling staff the C word is easier than explaining some of the more legitimate issues that have been raised on this blog, like:

        What the heck IS going on with the staff engagement survey from 2016? Jeff simply is not delivering what he promised! He needs to answer for that as CEO.

        Why isn’t HR handling the recruitment of new managers? Public funds are being used to hire a recruitment firm. Is this truly necessary at a time libraries have so recently faced funding cuts?

        Why is there so much turnover among out of scope employees? The frequency of the Public Service Manager departures is alarming. What is causing this?

        Why has there been no Service Plan since 2009? This is something that should have been unacceptable to the board.

        • This is pretty funny. So in the halls when RPL Managers have no f**king clue what your name is, just remind them you are Cunt #162. (By the way, there seems to be NOTHING that is unacceptable to Regina’s Library Board – in other words, they have zero control over their senior leadership CEO/Deputy/Corporate Services, so there can be no expectations of high-level performance of the kind most decent companies require.)

      • Well, the 30 or so Out of Scope people who were fired or fled the dictatorial clutches of Regina Public Library’s massively incompetent Senior Management did not report to us in-scope “cunts” did they? No, they reported to YOU, Senior Management. And the Library Board has tried to fix you, teach you, and upgrade your dismal, widely recognized incompetent leadership, fiscal irresponsibility and abuses in your own ranks and has been unsuccessful – because there are no measurable results. Not from the Staff Survey that the Library Board wasted huge public money on (public wanking). You have changed nothing, two more brand new managers have gone in the last few months and one desperately came back to a demoted position in her old job. Why is that, do you suppose? I do applaud you for actually saying what we know you are thinking while you sit in meetings, drawing your giant salary and wanking off while talking to us like we are cunts. By the way, you’ve given that same impression to the public who meets with you too. Glad you’ve made that official, RPL Management!

  2. It seems a bit strange that RPL is hiring a recruitment firm to hire managers when it has a fully staffed HR department.

    Doesn’t it beg the question: what does the highly paid HR manager DO all day??

      • Jeff has a chronic problem with focusing on the things he promises and bringing them to full completion.

        In the case of the Staff Engagement survey, he did what he always does. Wrap it up with bureaucracy, drag out an incoherent committee process for more than a year, get pissed off when the results aren’t worshipful enough of his awesome leadership, then quietly shut it down without ever mentioning it again.

        Staff don’t expect much of him anymore. The real question is: where is the BOARD in all this? Why aren’t they more interested in getting this administration to address the deep morale problems of RPL staff and do something about it?????

      • I need evidence that demonstrates why I should ever fill out an RPL survey again. They never seem to go anywhere! I will just focus on my paycheck.

    • Expanding the organization’s management team was the solution to their problem of lack of staff engagement, as well as the overwhelmingly negative response to the question of confidence in the current leadership. Adding more layers to keep the highly paid senior management hiding in their offices collecting their shockingly high paychecks, and away from staff – that is their inadequate answer. The current Library Administration has never been the group to be fiscally responsible or find solutions that would make them truly accountable. The Library Board simply enables it and it is negligence, at the very highest levels of the Library.

      • Also, it is easier to get blind loyalty from out-of-scope managers who can be fired on a whim, than it is from unionized staff who are a lot more protected [when speaking their mind about the general stupidity and overall dysfunction one regularly encounters as an RPL employee].

        Only a weak leader needs constant stroking from his minions instead of wanting to hear the hard cold truth.

        • The Staff Engagement survey gave them the truth, in black and white and many pages of comments I’m sure. And they have done NOTHING to improve upon their leadership, nor to regain employees’ trust. The staff survey told them and the firm that conducted the survey that Regina Public Library Leadership was questionable and poor. And they are all still there these bad leaders, as are the same behaviors and issues that got them such low points on that survey. What’s funniest to me is that they are just stringing the Library board along, pretending to be taking action and taking that survey seriously. They have changed nothing and learned nothing – go ahead Regina Public Library board – ask the staff again how much things have improved at RPL since you forced management to hear the dismal results of that survey.

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