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    • Among Out Of Scope PUBLIC SERVICES MANAGERS, it’s at 100% every two years (or sometimes less).

      It’s hard to understand why Jeff Barber doesn’t seem more curious about this, or why the board isn’t looking into this unusually high turnover and trying to get at what is causing it and then fix the problem.

  1. Good riddance to Myra Skaronski! What a crappy manager she was. Wonder what piece of work Julie McKenna will hire next.

  2. What is wrong with your library’s web site? I’m trying to use it on my tablet and there are blank spaces everywhere. It doesn’t seem like it’s loading properly.

  3. They had to hire some kind of expensive consultant as a Public Service Manager because the Deputy Director CANNOT MANAGE or direct Public Services, managers or staff. Of the current 2 PS Managers hired in the past two years (numbers 9 & 10??), one is leaving next week for good, the other has been on some kind of absentee program and has not been at work. The costs for those two PS Managers, who report to the Deputy Director, is roughly $200K per year. WHY? One clear evidence-based fact: ALL PUBLIC SERVICE MANAGERS LEAVE or are fired. I don’t understand why Library Director Jeff Barber, or the Library Board cannot see that this cost has been going on for a decade and is not sustainable. They continue to hire managers that they don’t need and who have little to do in a day. At least one or both the Deputy Director and Corporate Service Manager are REDUNDANT. Library Directors just declaring they are “Accountable” to the taxpaying public, does not mean it is truth. They continue to waste public money on executives and their unnecessary fat-tiered administrative “team” while cuts to libraries are made. The Library Board needs to get control of their out-of-control Library Administration. Before more cuts to services are made and the public and staff have to step in, once more, to save this ongoing negligent library management.

    • Regina Public Library Board has to eventually deal with the ongoing abuses of its Senior Management Administrative Team. Pretending these never existed the past decade is negligence. They haven’t done a true Leadership/Management Audit of Regina Public Library for years. The Library Directors are completely ignoring the revealing Staff Survey, and once again going through the motions. Library Board, nothing has changed, at all, in the year since that survey. They just abuse and get rid of the people who have insights, ignore the tens of thousands of dollars in investigation fees for harassment, arbitrations, payouts of managers and legal problems. And then they hire new managers who stay until they can’t stand it anymore. They might as well change the Library’s Mission statement to: “We Get Away With It”. Because they do.

    • Yeah, Change is Good! The only thing that hasn’t changed is the over $600,000 a year it costs the taxpaying public to maintain the Library Director’s Corner Offices, a Library Director, A Deputy Library Director and a Senior Corporate Services Manager. And over $1 Million worth of other Managers – for 180 mostly part time and term positions. Regina Public Library “Leadership” is an utter disgrace.

  4. Regina Public Library states “We are accountable to the Regina Community.” Saying you are accountable and BEING accountable are two different things. Two million dollars per year of executive management and hundreds of thousands of dollars wasted on turnover of management is the only thing predictable based on evidence in an unhealthy organization. That funding decision was reversed due to the communities, grassroots and staff of libraries in the cities and in rural areas. That means that service, and community engagement occurs in spite of Library Directors such as Jeff Barber and Julie McKenna. Regina Public Library Board, wake up from your decade long sleep. Regina Public Library is going to continue to lurch from crisis to crisis. It’s time for a change. $190,000 for a Library Director of a library system in Regina forced to function and serve the public without adequate front-line branch staff. And what is their solution? What it always is…MORE MANAGEMENT. Obscene.

    • If it’s one thing rpl needs, it’s more out-of-scope managers. That way, Julie can continue her whim-based, I mean evidence-based style of “management” and fire the managers who displease her. And Jeff B can stand around impotently and let her.

  5. Some thoughts for a Tuesday morning.

    Branch heads don’t need to be out-of-scope. They don’t have the authority to make decisions without a formal OK from Julie about everything.

    Public Services Managers, for that matter, don’t need to be out-of-scope. They don’t have the authority to make decisions without a formal OK from Julie about everything.

    Branches need branch heads, not staff stretched to the breaking point. And the public needs an administration who focuses on services, not ongoing petty squabbles with their subordinate staff. It is tiresome. We are all fed up with this never ending nightmare.

    • I love the library, but I wish that the administration would remember that their job is to serve the public, not indulge their personal agendas on the taxpayers’ dime. After 10+ years of Jeff Barber and Julie McKenna, this 100+ year old institution is ready for some fresh, bold leadership that exemplifies professionalism and brings out the best in staff. These two appear to get far too much joy out of making library employees (who don’t enjoy working in the midst of chaos all the time) miserable. I wish the board would examine the high turnover rate among us out-of-scope managers and start asking some questions. Yes, I am out-of-scope. And no, I haven’t drunk the Koolaid. I know right from wrong.

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