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  1. Has Julie McKenna been collecting her full salary while on medical leave for months and months? How does the Board justify this enormous waste of taxpayer dollars? At what point, do they let her go as someone who is no longer capable of fulfilling her duties? When do they let someone like Nancy MacKenzie who is able to show up for work regularly step up to become the Deputy Director?

  2. IF
    “If you hate working at RPL so much, then find another job.”

    “If the posts on RPLWatch offend you so much, then find another blog.”

    • Fair enough. Point taken. I will try to stop being so sanctimonious and let staff have their say on this blog without constantly reminding them that they should go work somewhere else if they are so unhappy. I will also try to be more empathetic to what some staff at RPL have gone through with this administration, even if I haven’t experienced it personally.

      – Number 4

  3. Interesting that someone who decrees no name calling below, then refers to “in scope” staff sarcastically as a bunch of brats. The RPL Leadership is flawed and unwilling to discuss wholesale leadership change, meaning a change in the culture from the top. The Library Board has done nothing about the harassment or hostility they have caused and so a blog results from that culture to call them out on their sick behavior and 100% staff turnover, lying to the public taxpayers who think they are spending money appropriately. Such a paranoid, twisted, sick environment for any staff newcomers to want to work in.

    • Oh and before you whine that I can get a job elsewhere, I have, in a healthy environment, far away from the ugly working culture caused and nurtured by Jeff B., Julie and Jeff G.

  4. hahahahahahahaha the RPL is so fucked. The fact alone that this blog exists is damaging to the integrity of the library leadership staff, yet nothing has been done about it in the last 3 years. How about someone shows some balls and either fires some managers (I know there are a lot of capable leaders that would love to either come back to the library or would jump at the chance to work at what should be an inspiring place to work), or kill the fucking blog already. This is getting ridiculous!

    • You sure get riled up at 7:30am!

      These are supposed to be evidenced based comments, not just opportunities for rude name calling.

      Why not instead of demoralizing we keep offering constructive criticism? We must. Why let good intention fester into malice and bitterness? Seriously – such negativity leads to ulcers, depression, high blood pressure, cancer…

      Stay positive. Stay constructive.

          • Please read the description of this blog’s header. It says post evidence based comments. Non evidenced based venting doesn’t do any good at all. In fact, it probably does more harm than good, identifying the in-scope staff as a bunch of brats who deserve to be managed using harsher measures.

            If you feel powerless at work explain exactly why. At least then you’ll get some sympathy/empathy from others who follow this blog.

            No name calling. Please. Please cut out the sarcasm.

            If you’re really dissatisfied, consider filing a grievance with the union. Talk to someone you trust in HR. We’re not entirely powerless.

            I just want to thank everyone who works hard for RPL, its visitors, and its staff. Your boss might not appreciate what you do, but I genuinely do.

            • It doesn’t seem like you need a Day Off!!! 🙂 People have over and over explained why they feel powerless at work, in the Staff survey, in this blog, to managers to the human resource department! Management isn’t listening, and if you’re part of RPL’s management or want to BE a manager, then don’t do as they do. Don’t play their sick games of pitting staff against staff and beating people down to nothing so they just come in and collect their paycheque and are never acknowledged or treated humanely. The union has filed grievances, harassment complaints, nothing changes for the better. Thank God for our patrons and some really friendly staff members at the library who make coming to that unsafe paranoid place halfway worthwhile! Hmmm. Anitadayov too, and would take one if I wasn’t afraid they would come after me for taking sick time.

      • Harassment and bullying by mean-spirited rpl managers including the human resource manager also leads to those terrible things like ulcers, high blood pressure, cancer… And taking sick and stress leaves to get the hell away from those managers.

    • I haven’t had that experience at all with Myra. I’m in scope and have always found her approachable and supportive. I know others feel differently; my interactions with her have been positive.

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